Coltello Tascabile Pieghevole Coltelli Tascabili Pieghevoli Avvio Rapido - Coltello da Tasca Coltello da Caccia - 440C Steel 58HRC OTF Double Action - Per Difesa Avventura Con Fondina (THK-336)

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Be a PoLe.Craft Carrier and have our DRAGON X1 - OTF Switchblade as part of your everyday carry. It is one of our best blades that you can bring in your camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting adventures. Protect yourself anytime and anywhere with this magnificent double-edged blade.

  • HIGH-INTENSITY USE: PoLe.Craft Survival knife is designed for high-intensity tactical and defense applications. Each switchblade is equipped with a high-quality 440C steel blade, which is very hard and sharp and has good toughness, which can be used and protect your safety anytime and anywhere. There is a glass breaker at the rear of the knife handle, which can quickly break the glass window in critical situations and win valuable escape time.

  • DOUBLE ACTION: This safety defense tactical knife is stable and reliable. Push the slider to quickly expand and retract the blade. The internal structure has high hardness and high precision and can withstand repeated wear and tear and proves to be long-lasting. 

  • FEEL GOOD: The survival folding knife weighs 230 grams, moderate weight, and easy to operate. The smooth handle is oxidized by the surface of high-hard alloy aluminum, During use, it provides higher comfort and has a good anti-skid effect

  • CARRY WITH YOU: Slim shape and compact design, equipped with belt clips and nylon sleeves, ideal for everyday carrying.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We confidently provide a lifetime warranty. We believe in our products. If you encounter any problems, please contact us and we will serve you.

✅Product Type: Switchblade
Knife Type: Tactical Spring Knife (OTF Double Action)
Model: Dragon X1
Over-all Length: 8.95 inches 
Blade Length: 3.55 inches 
Blade Thickness: 0.12 inch 
Blade Material: 440C Stainless 
Blade Surface: Brushed Metal and Oxidation 
Handle Length: 5.40 inches 
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Net Weight: 230g                
Best Use: EDC, tactical, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing
Warranty: Lifetime

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