HARNDS CK9168 Talisman - Folding Knife - Pocket Knife - Outdoor Hunting Knife (Black)

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🔥High-quality Outdoor Knife: HARNDS Talisman is a sharp and practical outdoor survival knife. Its total Length is 8.3 inches long with a blade length of 3.54 inches. It is made of high-quality steel AUS-8 and has a 59 HRC hardness. HARNDS Talisman has a G-10 knife handle that makes it very comfortable and easy to use.

🔥Ceramic Bearing System: Ceramic bead bearing has the advantages of high hardness, high speed, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and long service life; the ceramic beads have a small friction coefficient, has its own oil-free self-lubricating property, and can be applied to the folding knife to make it open and close easily.

🔥Enhanced Hand Protection: When the tool is opened, the opening point is cleverly placed in the handguard position, and an additional position is added to the handguard to provide more safety and protection.

🔥Comfortable Grip: The front finger groove is smaller than the back face. Because the finger joints are bent to the inner small triangle (ergonomically-designed), which makes the grip more comfortable.

🔥Closing the knife is easier. Ordinary knives have a line lock piece in a flat position when it is close. But HARNDS Talisman knives adopt a wire lock piece with an eccentric design which makes the operation of closing the knife very easy and comfortable. 

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